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Hire Info
                              F.A.Q's when hiring our 'Fun equipment'

             In order to Hire our equipment, please read and agree to the following, thanks

Who can hire our equipment?
Any one over 21 years old and who can take full responsibility for the safety of our equipment and your patrons. Also, on the odd occasion, we may ask to site photo I.D. for security reasons.

Who can use our equipment?
We have castles for under 6 year olds, for under 10 year olds and other inflatables / equipment for all ages (including adults). Try and organize the same age / size kids to play together.

Where can the equipment be set up?
Inflatables are VERY heavy. They can be set up on any flat surface (grass, tarseal, concrete, gym floor etc). NOT on gravel. The inflatables must have at least 1m clear all the way around them. They must be clear from over hanging branches, poles, and stones / sharp objects on the ground. The set up location must be easily accessible, (not over fences or too many steps etc). We need to have power supplied to within 20 meters of our equipment.  

Do we setup ?
Our team will come and setup and pack down after the agreed time. Once we have set up, please DO NOT move or pack away, (damage may occur). In the event of strong winds, please turn off the blower (while no one is inside inflatables)
Any urgent queries, please contact us  0274 524 525  or  09 8282 100. On the day, please have the area clear for unloading and setting up. Free from toys, sharp objects etc. When your hire is complete, please make sure the castle is clean and tidy for our collection.

How do we pay?
Either by internet transfer (must be recieved no latter than 3 days before your event), or CASH on arrival. (GST invoice available). Ask us about the special deal if you pay by internet.

How do we book?
Check out what equipment you would like to hire and then fill in the ONLINE ENQUIRY FORM.
 (if urgent, please ring 09 8282 100).

Is the equipment insured?
To help keep the costs down, the insurance is the hirer's responsibility. Any loss or damage to equipment must be paid for in full by the hirer. JTC Fun or its representatives will not be liable for any misuse resulting in damage to people or property.

Do you supply staff?
It depends on the size of the event  and how much equipment is involved. At all times, there must be someone RESPONSIBLE looking after  the equipment. This is to help with our obligations regarding OSH.

Cancelations and  Bad Weather
The inflatable blowers can NOT get wet (obviously they use power). If there are a couple of small showers, then that is ok - provided the blower doesnt get wet. In cases where there is a small amount of wind, this is ok. BUT if it is too windy, then for safety reasons we will not be able to proceed with the hire. On the day, if it looks like rain, strong winds or muddy, then we will give you the opportunity to change the date of your hire at no extra charge. Or if you prefer, you can cancel the booking - We will not charge a cancellation fee under these circumstances. On the day, if you still wish to proceed with the hire, but we arrive and are unable to proceed with the booking, then a $50 per item fee will be charged. If our equipment gets setup, then full charges apply.  Im sorry, if we have to cancel because of weather, please understand that this is for safety reasons and we BOTH miss out.

If you decide to change your mind about hiring from us, please give us at least 3 days notice. If you notify us in less than 3 days (but without us arriving at your event, then a $50 per item admin fee will apply. If we arrive at your event, then full hire fee is payable. * On the very rare chance that an activity / castle you booked is unexpectantly out of service, then we will endeavour  to substitute for a similiar Item.

Do you do special deals?
Yes we do. Mid week deals, if you hire multiple things for the same event. If you pay in full before the event and fundraisers.

                                                               Please Remember

No shoes, food, drink, pets, sharp objects, streamers / party poppers, smoking / cooking on or near our equipment. Please wipe any face paint off the equipment as soon as possible.

            All equipment must be in the same condition as when it arrived.

Emergency Contact

​09 8282 100    or    0274 524 525